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A Fantastically Magical Night At the Fantastic Feast

I was very honoured to have been invited as a guest to At-Bristol Science Centre's Fantastic Feast last night. This was due to the fact that Suttons have donated 9 million seeds to the centre's new Food! Exhibition which is due to open on 23rd July.

My, spoilt rotten we were indeed, we were offered pink molecular welcome drinks (with tiny little spheres of pink jumping for joy in our glasses) then as we were serenaded by the fabulous London Vegetable Orchestra we enjoyed looking at all the amazing hands on science exhibits on show. Then I had the utmost pleasure to enjoy probably one of the best meals I have ever eaten, created by Anton Edelmann (who was the maître chef des cuisines at the Savoy for 21 years) working closely with Elior UK and TasteTech.


The succulent seared Lyme Bay king scallops came with a wild garlic froth and cardamom-scented Gloucestershire carrot puree....beautifully matched in flavours and oh so cleverly bringing the tastes of the sea and rustic land together in one beautiful creation.


The wild mushroom tortellini with caramelised onions and spicy Cotswold chorizo.... was perfection and delicate, yet, so amazingly balanced, my tastebuds were by now just sighing with ecstacy!


I have absolutely never, and I have eaten in many places around world, tasted lamb as wonderful as this. The Yetminster lamb fillet and slow-braised shank with goat's cheese mash and rapeseed leaves.... basically took my breath away. Plus I usually HATE goat’s cheese, this was the best lamb dish I have ever had in my life.


The grand finale was the raspberry soufflé and raspberry sorbet with Daylesford honey and wild flowers. The waiter dipped a spoon into our soufflés as they were served and raspberry sauce was poured into the centre of them. So light, so delicious, just pudding heaven..... Unbelievable!

Thank you for a wonderful evening.... and with that.... my tracks of the day obviously have a food theme.

Booker T 'Green Onions'.....ahhh all those wonderful days as a Modette in my youth

Warrant 'Cherry Pie'....I used to love the album cover.... she looked fab!

Van Halen 'Poundcake'....the best track with Sammy Hagar as lead singer

The Archies 'Sugar Sugar'...the first single I ever had that, my big sister bought for me ... thanks sis!

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