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Grooving in the South West This Summer

New beginning to Rabbit Attack PR, so today starting my first ever blog. Each blog will begin with my tracks of the day .... I'm totally addicted to music ever since, as a little girl, I 'borrowed' my big brother's 'Sheer Heart Attack' album off his over-loaded shelf of LP's.

  • Aerosmith 'Deuces Are Wild' - saw them at the old Wembley Stadium together with Black Crowes and Lenny Kravitz...rad!

  • Foo Fighters 'Pretender' - saw them in Rotterdam, got t.shirt off one of the roadies .... cool!

  • Guns & Roses 'Welcome to The Jungle' - met Slash in The Rainbow in LA .... grumpy .... then not grumpy ... respect!

  • Shirley Bassey 'Light My Fire - heard this track on an ipod in the middle of a Thai jungle .... random!

Talking of music, its great to see down here in Torbay, that we are getting bigger bands playing, only this

weekend Aswad, Soul to Soul and UB40 got all the locals grooving down Paignton seafront. And there is a hidden

gem of a rock rendezvous called Murphy's Roadhouse which presents a different cover band every Friday and

Saturday at the cost of usually around £3 entrance!!! I was in rock heaven at Hells Bells last week, basically

thinking I was still 18 years old and happily headbanging away to Highway to Hell .... yes I forgot .... about that

dreaded payback for having a good time ...Headbangers Neck I suffered the next day!!! But I am

determined not to wither away into middle aged sensibleness (if there is such a word).

A couple of bands that are worth checking out are Aqualassie and the Skypumas and also Empire of Fools. The track called 'Wowls' by Aqualassie is awesome and they have started to play on sessions on local radio stations. I saw

Empire of Fools at a gig in Exeter and they are exceptionally talented. Check both of these out here:

Thats all folk's ... next time food or dresses ... havent decided yet. Never stop your fun bubble bouncing ... you know it makes sense!!!!


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