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Welcome to Rabbit Attack PR

After nine years experience as the PR Executive for an international horticultural firm, looking after the PR for all brands under the company's umbrella, I decided to spread my wings and start Rabbit Attack PR.  My clients are based in the following industries: horticulture, beauty, home interiors, music, food, film or anything else that tickles the Rabbit Attack fancy!

My background is colourful...

Lived in LA for 2 years where I managed a fashion store and also wrote live rock gig reviews for The LA Weekly

Lived in Amsterdam for 7 years, 3 years of which I worked at the stock exchange running the booth for Hyperion Traders of London 

4 years as Office Manager and PA to Director at the head office for General Electric in Amsterdam - organising Sales Conferences for 200+ attendees in Italy, Portugal, France and Holland

Played drums in Amsterdam for a female, thrash metal, Elvis cover band called Pelvis

For the last 9 years PR Executive for Suttons Consumer Products, looking after their brands, Suttons Seeds and Dobies of Devon

Have also now started to write film, rock music and restaurant reviews 

We  appreciate you wanting to contact us for information on the services that we provide.


We have a 20 minute Rabbit Attack rule, we will get back to you within  this time when you contact us waiting around for this bunny!

Our 20

minute rule

Stand out from the crowd

We get results, fantastic press relations, believe in our products and live life to the full

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