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"To put it simply, Fran is some kind of PR freak-genius. Who else could create an international media sensation out of an obscure Mexican cucumber? Or gather a thronging crowd of hipsters to clamour for unusual veg seed? Quirky, clever and always one step ahead of the game, she's a real publicity prodigy."  
James Wong - Author, TV Presenter, Ethnobotanist


"Working with Rabbit Attack on National Honey Week was a very positive experience. Fran's professionalism at every stage was just what was needed to deliver this public facing campaign. Regular reporting and communication was helpful and meant that as a team we were able to deliver a positive campaign reaching over 5m people. I would highly recommend Rabbit Attack PR"

Jane Moseley - Operations Director/General Secretary, BBKA


Hi I'm Fran Suermondt and welcome to my crazy world of Rabbit Attack PR.  I provide campaigns for my clients with a creatively groovy swing....if you have products which are great, lets SHOUT about it, right?  

Oh yes ... I interview rock bands too, which is just jolly well splendid!

Rock N Roll!!


“As a gardening writer and magazine editor I have worked with Fran for many years and she is one of a kind. Her fun-loving and unique personality comes across in everything she does including her PR work and especially her press releases. All of which means that among constant torrent of emails hers stand out from the crowd;   I actually look forward to reading them, which has to be great news for to her clients. Plus whenever I need copy or pictures fast she never lets me down. What more could an editor ask for!”
Steve Ott - Editor of Kitchen Garden Magazine

''I love working with Fran , she listens to what we want and then adds a great twist that is unusual and groundbreaking and most importantly fun. Fran is not frightened to try anything to get the best result.''  

Simon Hulstone - Head Chef of the Michelin star restaurant The Elephant

"Fran is one of those PR’s you can truly rely on She’s a bit of a one-woman sensation; passionate, knowledgeable and completely savvy. When I get a late commission she always comes up with the info and pix fast and has a real understanding of media and it’s eclectic demands. Fran is great fun too; sociable, friendly with a touch of spice!"

Jean Vernon - Garden Writer Daily Telegraph and Gardening Press

"Fran enjoys a joie de vivre for life that is contagious. Her reliable and efficient support, providing images and information, over the past few years has been tremendous. I regularly giggle at her creative press releases that clearly mirror her enthusiastic, fun-loving personality"

Louise Midgely - Garden Writer and Gardening Editor of

“Fran is one of the most lively and innovative PRs around, with a constant stream of bold ideas and new angles to keep her stories fresh. She is also highly efficient. Journalistic queries and requests are turned around almost immediately making it easy to hit deadlines and kick off projects. All in all, she is a bit of a star.”
Naomi Slade - Freelance journalist and author of 'The Plant Lovers Guide To Snowdrops'

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We are...

  • Innovative

  • Fun

  • Speedy

  • Creative


We do....

  • Get results

  • Have great press relations

  • Believe in our products

  • Live life to the full

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