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  • James Wong's New 'Grow For Flavour'
    Super excited is an understatement for how the Suttons team are feeling today! Why? Because today is the day they proudly present the new offering from that all round ethno-botanist good egg James Wong. James has a brand new book which will be launched at the beginning of March .... and this time it is all about the wonderful world of taste sensations ... so buckle up folks for the lip smacking, saliva swirling, taste bud tickling ride of your life!! James Wong's 'Grow For Flavour' book will be showing all you food and gardening lovers out there the best possible way to score better-tasting harvests no matter who you are or where you may live. With hints and tips on growing and cooking (with some surprises along the way!) this is the modern guide to maximum flavour with minimum effort! Suttons Seeds have once again worked together with James to produce a seed and plant range to match the 'Grow For Flavour' book all of which have been chosen specifically for the superbly excellent flavours in their field, whether it be the best tomatoes for pasta sauce or the best veggies to bake healthy crisps ....... more news to come soon!!!
  • New & Exclusive 'DeliDahlias' From Lubera - Enjoy The Beauty, Taste the Flavour!"
    Enjoy the beauty, taste the flavour A little bit of gastronomic history for your pleasure today ...The Aztecs used dahlia tubers as food and after more than 500 years, Lubera have renewed this tradition and have selected the best, edible dahlias. For two years now, those curious Swiss breeders have systematically grown K&K dahlias at their two nurseries in Bad Zwischenahn (Germany) and in Buchs (Switzerland). After carefully digging the tubers out in autumn, they prepared them, then cooked and tasted them. They were all cooked in a similar way in a pressure cooker (for 10-15 minutes), then served without spices and without side dishes in order to really perceive the taste itself and then tested each of the varieties with a selection of people (once with the entire staff) in order to obtain comparable and stable results and select the best-tasting dahlia delicacies. The feedback from Lubera customers also helped, who had sent free packages of test dahlias through a newsletter campaign in the spring of 2014. This gargantuan but most enjoyable work and research, which has reminiscent of the journey for wine tasting and selection, will continue in the coming years and lead to further Delidahlias® delights!!
  • Rabbit Attack PR & The Creative Marketer
    Rabbit Attack PR will be using all her creative juices to promote her new client The Creative Marketer as of this month. The Creative Marketer specialises in designing brochures, leaflets, flyers, product packaging and POS for any business. Her B2B and B2C marketing skills are a result of 17 years of experience in the FMCG, Leisure & Tourism, Charity and Retail industries. And the difference? All her designs are underpinned by proven marketing models and principes to ensure maximum engagement, loyalty and of course sales. Miss Rabbit Attack is looking forward to some fine female bonding over some creatively innovative ideas ....yes sisters are doing to for themselves in 2015! Watch this space for more information on the Creative Marketer's most recent clients.....
  • The Ginger Jedi - Bringing The Force To Chelsea
    In a galaxy far far away, well...West Sussex, Jonathan Ward is somewhat of a horticultural Jedi, using the force to excel as the kind of skilled photographer who revels in capturing the beauty of flora and fauna and producing outstanding imagery for all his clients in each of the solar systems. Dagobah to Hoth, there is nowhere this Ginger Jedi Master has not travelled to fight the evil that is the mundane, to produce outstanding garden designs. This light year, Ginger Jedi will be landing at The Chelsea Flower Show, where he has designed the growing systems on the RHS Campaign for School Gardening stand, highlighting the past, present and future of scientific experimentation with plants in space. The force is strong with Master Ginger after 28 years in the horticultural industry and he draws strength from combining a contemporary view of the plant world together with ecologically sound principles. With an exceptionally in-depth knowledge of nature, he has produced an international horticultural consultancy business renowned for innovation and superb design and imagery. The Ginger One is a member of the Chartered Institute Of Horticulture, Garden Writers Association (US), Garden Writers Guild and the Professional Garden Photographers Association and the Royal Horticultural Society, and is an active member of the RHS Plant Trials Committee. For more information on Ginger Horticulture please contact Jonathan Ward on or on 07896015460 May The Flora And Fauna Force Be With You
  • Rabbit Attack PR To Head BBKA Campaign
    British Beekeepers Association To Launch 'National Honey Week Everything is honey I can't get enough Of lots and lots of pots and pots Of sticky, licky stuff We at the British Beekeepers Association certainly agree with the sentiments of that most famous of all honey lovers Winnie The Pooh....and that is why we will be launching National Honey Week this October. We will be orchestrating a celebration of all things honey during the week of October 25th to the 31st, which coincides with the end of the beekeeping season, the honey harvest, honey survey results and the National Honey Show. National Honey Week will be a chance to raise awareness of the traditional craft of beekeeping and the values of its by-products. So the medicinal properties of honey and also the ...well lets face it... just jolly well deliciousness of it will be highlighted with a downloadable Honey Recipe Book from us ..... but more on that to come!!!

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